Mixed media painting: 'My Friend Sapling'. A downcast rabbit contemplates a twiggy sapling surrounded by a ring of fallen leaves.
My Friend Sapling

now showing

37 Duke Street
County Durham

01325 363635

Gallerina has a selection of my work - including Little Bureaucrats and Pointless Expedition - in stock and beautifully displayed.

Please contact the gallery to confirm opening times and check what they have on show.

Richard and Gwen have worked hard to make Gallerina the friendliest and most forward-looking gallery in the North, and their success has already enabled them to take over the property next door - and the one next door to that!

You can get a great lunch (or dinner) at The Imperial Express Cafe nearby. Ask at the gallery for directions.

Mixed media painting: 'Equestrian Statue (With Potatoes)'. Two potatoes on a pedestal, posed like an equestrian statue - one a high-stepping horse, the other the rider, sword held aloft.
Equestrian Statue
(With Potatoes)