Mixed media painting: 'Measuring the Darkness (With a Very Small Ruler)'. Predominantly blue . A Small mouse or hamster brandishes a short ruler at a sky in which floats a crescent moon.
Measuring the Darkness
(With a Very Small Ruler)



Visitor is my sound-manipulating alter-ego, with a recent output that consists largely of mind-numbingly minimal electronic drones. Unless you already like this kind of music, give it a miss. It's the audio equivalent of watching paint dry.

Latterly I have produced an album in a marginally more lively that genre I describe as 'junk electronica' - see News page.


Paul Klee

Forget Picasso, Paul Klee was the greatest visual artist of the 20th century. This link takes you to the Paris Webmuseum. Tick the two boxes and click the button (it's a copyright issue) to see the pictures.

Mixed media painting: 'Bowl Dream'. Pair of hamster-like rodents face each other in a night landscape with crescent moon. Each holds one of a pair of lustrous blue bowls, one of which is broken.
Bowl Dream



My micropoetry blog. Haiku, but with none of those tiresome rules.


Het Hooibergsmuseum

Everything you could conceivably need or want to know about haystacks. Mainly in Dutch, it has to be said. A (rather dark) detail from my painting The Lost Hayrick is part of their masthead.

Mixed media painting: 'Hurrah! A Sweet!'. Greedy teddy bear is delighted to discover a cellophane-wrapped sweet. The poison-blue wrapper bears an image of a skull.
Hurrah! A Sweet!