Oil transfer drawing: 'Wouldn't Take Advice'. A red car upside down at the bottom of cliff, evidently having ignored a No Entry sign.
Wouldn't Take Advice
Oil transfer drawing: 'Surprise Proposal'. Two glove puppets, a little like Sooty. One seems taken aback because the other is presenting it with a flower.
Surprise Proposal
Oil transfer drawing: 'Animal Standing on its Own Head'. A dog-like animal, contorted so that its back feet are on its head.
Animal Standing on its Own Head
Oil transfer drawing: 'Saintly Cat'. A disreputable looking cat with paws pressed together in semblance of a pious attitude.
Saintly Cat
Oil transfer drawing: 'Health Hazard'. Rat sitting on a saucepan reading a newspaper; nearby is a roll of toilet paper.
Health Hazard
Zinc plate etching: 'Hamster Shrine'. Hamster in a little pagoda with candles and floral offering.
Hamster Shrine
Oil transfer drawing: 'Picnic at Pompeii'. Teddy bear on picnic. There is a smoking volcano in the background.
Picnic at Pompeii
Oil transfer drawing: 'Philosophical Rabbit'. White rabbit contemplates flower. Behind him, carrying a scythe, is The Grim Reaper.
Philosophical Rabbit
Oil transfer drawing: 'How Cats Work'. A mouse, and behind him a cut-away diagram of a cat, showing the digestive system.
How Cats Work