Mixed media painting: 'Big Boot House'. Small cottage atop two massive grey Wellington boots standing on a rounded hilltop. A Yorkshire Dales interpretation of 'Ozymandias' by Percy Bysshe Shelley.
Big Boot House
Mixed media painting: 'Fear of Autumn'. An indeterminate rodent-like creature looks out cautiously from behind a tree at bright red mushroom.
Fear of Autumn
Mixed media painting: 'Interglacial'. Landscape in three sections. The outer two are dark, with glaciers or ice-clad mountains; the inner one is bright and sunny, with a cottage and flowery meadow.
Mixed media painting: 'My Best Friend was a Psychopath'. Mouse-like rodent brandishing a knife. Sitting on a stylised cloud above him is a similar mouse or hamster, angel-like, with wings.
My Best Friend was a Psychopath
Mixed media painting: 'In Shadow'. Dales landscape with tree growing from a rock in the foreground and a Dales barn in the middle distance. The colours are unrealistic, but suggest dawn or dusk - the foreground is blue, the distance green-gold, the sky is pinkish.
In Shadow
Mixed media painting: 'The Complainers'. Miserable green cat and unhappy blue mouse discuss a mysteriously inverted moon.
The Complainers
Mixed media painting: 'Test Drive'. Red sports car, driven by a blank-eyed mouse or hamster wearing a red hat with an aerial on it, plunges off the edge of a cliff.
Test Drive
Mixed media painting: 'House by a Hill'. Tiny whitewashed cottage, cut off from the sunlight by a giant, sharp rocky mountain.
House by a Hill
Mixed media painting: 'Mouse Defecation Competition'. Two mice, tails elegantly curled, face away from each other.
Mouse Defecation Competition