Mixed media painting: 'Pointless Excavation'. One white rabbit at the bottom of a deep pit, looking somewhat depressed. Another rabbit, on the surface, looks on, bemused.
Pointless Excavation
Mixed media painting: 'Bugs'. Two green insects (locusts or possibly aphids) climb the stem of a worried yellow flower.
Mixed media painting: 'Illicit Moon Liaison'. Two crescent moons rendevous in a mountain chasm, watched by a cottage perched on the edge of a cliff.
Illicit Moon Liaison
Mixed media painting: 'Potato Exiles'. Two potatoes re-enact a scene from 'King Lear'.  One is wearing a crown, the other has the trappings of a jester, including a jester's staff.
Potato Exiles
Mixed media painting: 'Whirlpool'. A maroon cat on an open boat perilously close to a vortex.
Mixed media painting: 'Little Bureaucrats'. Two grey, rather gormless rodents hold up rulers to measure a meadow flower.
Little Bureaucrats
Mixed media painting: 'Magic Amulet'. Small rodent (mouse or hamster) wearing a carved lucky charm, apparently unaware of a large, menacing blue cat behind it.
Magic Amulet
Mixed media painting: 'Ways of Living'. Landscape in autumnal colours. On one side a tower with cars clustered at its base, on the other a whitewashed cottage in the foothills of a mountain range.
Ways of Living
Mixed media painting: 'Inconveniently Terraced Landscape'. A steeply stepped landscape, home to various cottages, a barn, a red car, a potted plant and a ginger cat.
Inconveniently Terraced Landscape