Mixed media painting: 'The Hillsiders'. Cottages and barns strung out along a road climbing up an improbably steep hill.
The Hillsiders
Mixed media painting: 'Sudden Unexpected Landscape Curvature'. A steeply curved landscape with a whitewashed cottage or small house clinging to either side.  Various items, including two cars and a flowerpot, have tumbled into the centre.  A startled marmalade cat looks outwards at the viewer.
Sudden Unexpected Landscape Curvature
Mixed media painting: 'Mice Eating a Top Hat'. Two toothy mice startled in the act of gnawing a silk hat.
Mice Eating a Top Hat
Mixed media painting: 'Gone Fishing'. A small animal - a mouse or hamster perhaps - is fishing from a small boat on a calm sea. Looming behind it is the head of a huge and toothy monster, also reminiscent of some sort of rodent.
Gone Fishing
Mixed media painting: 'Radiant Kitten'. Two kittens, one is a radiant yellow gold. The other, partially illuminated by it, looks on a little uneasily.
Radiant Kitten
Mixed media painting: 'Hobo Sun'. A rumpled and dissolute-looking sun, one eye missing, sits leaning against a tree trunk, like a resting tramp. A wine bottle stands within easy reach.
Hobo Sun
Mixed media painting: 'A Sunday in the Country'.. Prone figure of a dead or unconscious giant rabbit. In the foreground, a small upturned red car. Its relations hip to 'Un dimanche  la campagne', the 1984 French film directed by Bertrand Tavernier, is unclear.
A Sunday in the Country
Mixed media painting: 'Big Boot House Out of Control'. A cottage, a small red car and a lamp post stand on an asteroid or small chunk of rock floating in an immensity of dark blue nothingess.
Big Boot House
Out of Control
Mixed media painting: 'Nos 1-8 Boulder Terrace'. Seven whitewashed terraced cottages atop a huge round stone. An eighth house has fallen to the ground nearby, and lies on its side.
Nos 1-8 Boulder Terrace