Mixed media painting: 'Internal Organs, Real and Imaginary'. Stylised heart, lungs, kidney, intestines, dollar sign, etc.
Internal Organs, Real and Imaginary

Do you accept commissions?

Not often. I can't easily get excited about working on other people's ideas. On the few occasions I have accepted commissions - this one, for example - the brief has been vague enough to allow me to paint pretty much whatever I fancied. But if you happen to have a very fuzzy proposal you're welcome to run it past me.

Would you illustrate my book?

Only in the event that it's an extraordinarily good book and that you have no fixed ideas about what you want - see above.

I like one of your paintings, but it has sold. Would you do me a copy?

Sorry, I don't do copies. For one thing it wouldn't be fair on the person who bought the original painting on the understanding that it was a unique piece of art.

Why don't you sign your paintings?

I do. The signature is on the back of the picture panel. But you can't see it without removing it from the frame and taking it off the mount. Signing pictures on the front is a comparatively modern - and largely pointless - practice.

Are any of the artworks on this site are for sale?
If so, which ones?

Click on the thumbnail in Galleries 1-5 and load the large image.

An artwork marked 'private collection' has already sold. A picture marked 'reserved' has been put aside for an upcoming show or is one of my personal favourites that I'm currently unwilling to sell. A picture not marked in either of these ways is quite possibly for sale, and is either at my studio or showing at a gallery.

Paintings sometimes get pushed off my favourites list by newer work, and listings for shows can change, so a painting marked 'reserved' may eventually come up for sale. Email me if you would like first refusal.

Can the prices of your work be found on this site?

No. This site isn't about selling. Lots of visitors come just to look at my work, and I like that. I don't want anyone to feel they ought to be piling stuff into their virtual shopping cart.

Could you give a general indication of your prices?

Unframed limited editions currently range from £55 to £150. Limited editions framed under glass range from £80 to £180. Original paintings start at £300. Their price varies according to their size and complexity - and how fond I am of them.

Mixed media painting: 'Philosophers'. Four mushrooms in a moonlit cellar.

Can I buy a painting directly from you?

Yes, in theory. Unless it's already with a gallery. If you're interested you can email me for more information.

Can I visit your studio?

I usually take part in an 'open studio' event at least once a year. Join the mailing list to get advance warning. It may also be possible to visit my studio at other times by prior arrangement.

What is a mixed media painting?

One that doesn't fit into any of the traditional genres of painting such as oil, watercolour, pastel or gouache. Instead it combines a variety of materials, often in new and unusual ways. As I explain on the interview page, I paint using unique techniques that I have devised myself.

What is an oil transfer drawing?

Oil transfer drawing is a technique by which I draw an image onto watercolour paper using a kind of handmade, one-off carbon paper. I then hand-tint the resulting black-and-white drawing with watercolours and acrylics.

Each individual oil transfer drawing is made by hand. The unpredictability of the technique means that each version of the image is noticeably different.

What is an etching?

Etching is a process in which lines and tones are engraved onto the surface of a metal plate using repeated applications of acids and varnishes. Once the plate has been finished it is carefully inked and printed on a hand-operated press. By varying the way the ink is applied to the plate I give each print in the edition a subtly different character.

What is a limited edition?

The techniques of etching or oil transfer drawing make it possible to produce several versions of the same image, although no two will be identical. In the case of an artwork described as 'limited edition of 15', a maximum of 15 copies of the image will be made - plus one or two 'artist's proofs' made as test pieces and retained by myself.

Do you have any advice about hanging and caring for your work?

The pigments I use are all extremely light-fast. Despite the very high inherent stability of the work, it is best to avoid exposing it to lengthy periods of direct sunlight (in a conservatory, for example) or hanging it directly over a heat source. Such factors may not damage the work itself, but they could warp or damage the frame. It would also be wise to avoid exposing the work - or yourself - to high levels of moisture or atmospheric pollutants.

My paintings, with their deep, lustrous colours, look especially vibrant when carefully lit. Small directional lights are ideal, but halogen bulbs can emit a lot of heat, so don't put them too close. LED lamps are a good alternative.

If it is ever necessary to remount the work, please take advice from myself or a professional framer or conservator. Do not allow the work to be remounted by any process which is not reversible, or with materials which are not acid-free. Choose materials which are 'museum' or 'conservation' grade.

If you own one of my artworks and have any queries about hanging or caring for it, please contact me.

Mixed media painting: 'Pencil Running Off'. Red pencil with legs is about to run out of the picture.
Pencil Running Off